Learning Gardens

Attention 2020 school garden grant applicants,
Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada would like to thank you for applying for a Learning Garden Grant. However, due to the school closures and uncertainty associated with Covid19, we have postponed the school garden grant program until the spring of 2021. Your grant application will be kept on file and reviewed for consideration next spring. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us anytime.

Please stay well during this very unprecedented time,

Yours in agricultural education,

Tamara Sealy signature
Tamara Sealy, C.C.A.
Executive Director/Regional Manager
NFL Foundation Canada

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Robert Adamson
Chair of the Board
Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada


Education is at the roots of understanding the living world around us. Learning Gardens are outdoor, educational environments where students discover soil science and agricultural sustainability through hands-on practice. With Learning Gardens, students explore how modern agriculture, gardening, and plant growth play a valuable role in food production, health, and sustainability. Learning Gardens have the added benefit of physical activity, building environmental awareness and stewardship skills, and fostering collaboration, teamwork, and leadership in the community.

When coupled with the Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century classroom resource and a visit from a Regional Manager, Learning Gardens provide an ideal backdrop to the world of agriculture and STEM. Gardens provide experiential learning that ties into existing curriculum subjects, such as chemistry, biology, math, social studies, and history. Gardening brings these subjects to life, helping students discover how they fit together.

Incorporating a learning garden into your school allows students and teachers to connect with the surrounding community, and nurture engaged citizens who are passionate about the impact of food security and global issues through effective, experiential scientific learning opportunities. With a learning garden at your school, you help students explore and experience the science behind food production while positively contributing to your community.