Learning Gardens

Apply for a learning garden grant

We are now accepting applications for Spring 2022.

Deadline to apply is March 30, 2022.

Only the successful applicants will be notified, but we would like to thank all applicants for taking the time to fill out our form!

How to Apply

Step 1: Gather information

On the application form, you'll be asked for the following.

  • School name and contact info
  • List of colleagues that will be assisting
  • What type of garden you'd like to plant (vegetable, flower, combination vegetable-flower, other)
  • Who will be using the Learning Garden (single class, multiple classes, entire school)
  • Approximately how many students will use the garden per year
  • What grades will be participating
  • How you will involve your students (Options: planning, preparing the soil, choosing plants, watering, weeding, fertilizing, observations, experiments, lessons)
  • The subjects you'll be incorporating (Options: science, health & life skills, phys ed, career education, language arts, math, environmental education, aboriginal skills, fine arts)
  • Which grant you're applying for ($500 or $3,000 or either)
  • What the money will be be used for (Options: Building supplies and tools, plants and soils, garden maintenance supplies, contractor time and support)
  • You'll have a chance to upload photos, sketches and plans to see your space and ideas
  • Whether the grant is the sole funding source or if you'll be augmenting it with other funding
  • What your plan will be for maintaining the garden during the summer break

Step 2: Read manual

Read the Learning Gardens Manual, including
the annual reporting / follow-up requirements.

Step 3: Fill out application

Select the form for your region:

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