The Board

Bob Adamson portrait
Bob Adamson,
chair of the board

Message from the Chair: Continuing to Grow

The Nutrients for Life Foundation reaches success from its diverse group of representatives, from educators and scientists to members of the agriculture industry. Nutrients for Life continues to develop educational outreach programs that provide science-based information on the valuable role fertilizers play in feeding the world. Over the last two years, the Foundation has focused on achieving success with the following programs:

  • Regional Managers: dedicated individuals who educate students through an interactive module which addresses the role plant nutrients play in sustainable modern agricultural practices.
  • Learning Gardens: a vital learning environment which students learn about nutrition, health and food security, building environmental awareness and stewardship skills, and fostering collaboration, teamwork and leadership in the community.
  • Stakeholder Partnerships: shared value relationships which further build the Foundation’s creditability and increase our ability to effectively reach a greater number of Canadians.

The Nutrients for Life Foundation consists of passionate individuals who recognize the importance of educating the next generation on nutrients and the science behind food production. By growing our programs and our partnerships with like-minded organizations, we can ensure the Foundation will reach its goals of education, soil science, and agricultural sustainability.

Bob Adamson, Nutrients for Life

Board of Directors

The Nutrients for Life Board of Directors includes scientists, educators, conservationists, plant-nutrient professionals, farmers and others in the scientific and agricultural community who are committed to educating the public about the important role plant nutrients play in our society.