Jun 08, 2016

Agricultural literacy: impacts that last decades.

Agricultural literacy is the understanding of the relationship between agriculture and the environment, food, fibre, technology, and the economy. Now more than ever, it’s crucial for students to develop agricultural literacy in order to make positive contributions to the environment…

Jun 07, 2016

Nutrient stewardship is critical to a thriving environment

Soil health and conservation play a key role in environmental stewardship. Whether the agriculture industry is discussing the efficient and responsible use of nutrients to farmers, or the science behind sustainable food production to youth, soil conservation is always an…

Jun 06, 2016

Does soil science really matter?

The study of soil is an important branch of science. It allows us to vastly improve both the quantity of crops we grow while preserving our environment for future generations. Understanding how plants interact with soil enables us to better…

May 30, 2016

What’s the nutrient story in your community?

National Garden Day, which began in April 2014 after former MP Malcolm Allen introduced a bill in the House of Commons, is a nation-wide celebration of the important role gardens play in Canadian communities. All gardens, whether they’re large or…

May 02, 2016

Who’s sharing the nutrient story in your community?

Since 2008, Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada has been providing free resources to students and teachers across Canada based on the Smithsonian-approved curriculum Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century. In 2012, the foundation implemented a new strategy to help…

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