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Highlighting fruit and vegetable producers from across Canada in 2021

Mull Na Beinne Farms – Vernon and Bertha Campbell

Queens County, Prince Edward Island

Our farm is Mull Na Beinne Farms, and we are potato growers in Queens County, Prince Edward Island

Why do you grow this produce?

It has been part of our operation since day one- over forty years ago.

What makes your location (or greenhouse) ideal for these crops?

PEI's rich red soil and temperate climate are ideal for growing good quality potatoes.

Where do you market your produce?

Cavendish Farms

How long have you and your family produced fruits and vegetables?

40 plus years

How many acres/hectares/square feet (in the case of greenhouses) do you crop?

650 acres

What sustainability and technology practices do you use in your operation to grow your crops to their fullest potential?

Strip cropping, cover crops, conservation tillage, integrated pest management, crop scouting, 4R nutrient management, site specific soil sampling, GPS guided fertility, crop protection application, Canada GAP, Potato Sustainability Alliance, crop rotation, manure application, and membership in local watersheds. Vernon is on the board of directors for the Soil Conservation Council of Canada.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start growing their own fruits and vegetables at home?

It is not easy work, but producing food for mankind is a noble endeavour.

Tell the world why you farm? Do you have any worlds you'd like to share with students about agriculture.

Have always loved being outside and growing crops.

Do you have a favourite recipe using the produce you grow?

Baked potatoes are easy and nutritious.