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Highlighting fruit and vegetable producers from across Canada in 2021

Le Ferme Michaud Farms

Bouctouche Bay, New Brunswick

Our farm fruit and vegetable farm is located in beautiful Bouctouche Bay, New Brunswick. Our land has been farmed since 1880. Currently it is operated by Christian Michaud (4th generation producer), Andre Allain, and Francois Lavigne (both first generation producers). We grow sweet corn, strawberries, string beans (yellow and green), potatoes, carrots, grains and hay (for crop rotation purposes). Our farm has changed over the years, started out as a dairy farm, then beef, potato, and now a mixed fruit and vegetable farm.

Why do you grow this produce?

We have our own farmer stand & U-Pick. We are close to the greater Moncton area in which we participate in many farmer's markets.

What makes your location (or greenhouse) ideal for these crops?

Our sandy, well-drained soil, access to irrigation water allows us to work the land and plant early in the Spring.

Where do you market your produce?

At our own farm stand, farmer's markets, and local grocery stores.

How long have you and your family produced fruits and vegetables?

Our land has been farmed for over 140 years.

How many acres/hectares/square feet (in the case of greenhouses) do you crop?

Total 550 acres,110 in vegetable,115 in grains, & the rest in rotation.

What sustainability and technology practices do you use in your operation to grow your crops to their fullest potential?

We use a six-year rotation to help break disease cycles. Our hay crops are used as green manure to help build our soil structure. We test our soils every three years to guide us in our soil fertility program protocols. Many vegetable crops need certain micro-nutrients to grow optimally. We use row covers on vegetables to help with weed control. We also have an environmental farm plan.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start growing their own fruits and vegetables at home?

Be prepared for lots of weeding. This is the most time-consuming activity in the garden.

Tell the world why you farm. Do you have any words you'd like to share with studentsabout agriculture.

For the love of growing things and chasing that perfect season, where it all goes right. For the students, as much work as it is, it is very rewarding to see people enjoy the food you grow. That is what makes it worth it.

Do you have a favourite recipe using the produce you grow?

It depends on the time of the season, but sweet corn boiled for just 3 minutes with butter and salt is the best!