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Highlighting fruit and vegetable producers from across Canada in 2021

DVS Farms – Dave and Donna Van Segbrook

Tupperville, Ontario

Our farming operation, DVS Farms Ltd., is located in Tupperville, ON in Southwestern Ontario. We grow a wide variety of produce including Brussels sprouts, peppers, peas, green beans and sweet corn. We also produce wheat, soybeans, sugar beets and corn.

Why do you grow this produce?

Part of our overall crop rotation.

What makes your location (or greenhouse) ideal for these crops?

Our local soil type and climate and the availability for irrigation water.

Where do you market your produce?

Both local and American processors.

How long have you and your family produced fruits and vegetables?

Over 40 Years.

How many acres/hectares/square feet (in the case of greenhouses) do you crop?

Close to 1,500 acres.

What sustainability and technology practices do you use in your operation to grow your crops to their fullest potential?

Everything from soil testing to determine nutrient requirements, cover crops, we have an in house scout to determine pesticide application timing, satellite pictures to assist in field health diagnostics, food safety certification, mechanizing wherever possible, and most recently bio-digest applications.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start growing their own fruits and vegetables at home?

Keep it simple and rotate the location of your vegetables every year. Be aware that some soil types are conducive to certain vegetables.

Tell the world why you farm. Do you have any words you'd like to share with studentsabout agriculture.

It continually brings challenges as we don't always do the same job day after day. No 2 years are ever alike. It has given me opportunities to travel and see other places to educate myself on new technologies.

Do you have a favourite recipe using the produce you grow?

Pickled Brussels Sprouts! Taste just like processed pickles.