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Cormier's Berry Patch – Darren & Angie Cormier & Family

La Salle, Manitoba

We are 4th generation farmers, growing up on beef, pork, grain and market garden farms. We are 1st generation strawberry farmers. We planted our first plants in May 2005 starting with an acre and a half. We have since grown to 15 acres. We are located east of La Salle, Manitoba in the Red River Valley.

Why do you grow this produce?

We LOVE Strawberries!!

What makes your location (or greenhouse) ideal for these crops?

Market Access – we are about 30 minutes from Manitoba's major city, Winnipeg, which makes for an ideal location.

Where do you market your produce?

We market directly off our farm – U-pick

How long have you and your family produced fruits and vegetables?

2021 was our 16th year of picking strawberries.

How many acres/hectares/square feet (in the case of greenhouses) do you crop?

20 acres.

What sustainability and technology practices do you use in your operation to grow your crops to their fullest potential?

We plant green manure cover crops. We do extensive soil and sampling. We also hire youth from our local community.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start growing their own fruits and vegetables at home?

Take the time to do your research and develop a plan that works for you and your family/situation. And connect with other growers, learning from other growers is invaluable.

Tell the world why you farm. Do you have any words you'd like to share with studentsabout agriculture.

We love working outdoors, we love the challenge of growing and producing a crop. We love being able to provide for our children the lifestyle that farming promotes. We love seeing the smiles on our customers faces when they come to pick fresh strawberries.

Do you have a favourite recipe using the produce you grow?

2 layers of: crushed oreos, chocolate pudding, fresh strawberries & whipping cream – so delicious!!