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NFL Canada collaborates with NFL Foundation in the USA to host Virtual Teacher Workshop

From July 27th until July 31st, both the Canadian and American Foundations worked together to engage 80+ teachers virtually in our first-ever online teacher workshop! Each day the group met for 1.5 hours learned about the Foundations resources and activities and heard from industry members on special topics like NuGIS, mining phosphorus, and variable rate nutrient application. Thank you to our colleagues at NFLF for hosting such an amazing event!

Before the workshop, all teachers received a box with all of the materials needed to complete the hands-on activities as they were the students each day and had homework to complete daily. Many teachers provided feedback on how they can use our materials in their classrooms and many teacher connections were made to further the discussion on bringing “Soil”, Life’s Main Ingredient into the classrooms across both countries.

During this very unprecedented time, the virtual event was well received and the teachers were engaged throughout the week.

“I really enjoyed the workshop,” said Jenny Allen, a teacher from New Jersey. It brought new light to Soils and I can’t wait to spice up my soils unit to include more about N-P-K. I thought it was interesting that phosphorus and potassium are mined and where the mines are located. Thank you for a great workshop!!”