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Bees Matter offers FREE Buzzing Gardens Classroom Kits!

Buzzing Gardens for Classrooms

** Order before they are gone!! **

Bees Matter welcomes teachers and educators this October to request a complimentary Buzzing Gardens Classroom Kit by emailing Each classroom kit includes 25 seed packets and informational postcards. The Buzzing Gardens seed packet contains both seasonal and perennial seeds that were approved by Pollinator Partnership Canada to be a nutritious food source for honey bees and other pollinators. When making your request, please provide:

  • First and last name
  • Preferred language (EN or FR)
  • Email address and contact phone (for delivery purposes)
  • Street address, city, province and postal code
  • School/organization

Bees Matter is a partnership of agricultural organizations with a vested interest in pollinator health. In addition to their resources on honey bee health, Bees Matter has developed teacher’s guides. Each year, Bees Matter hosts the Buzzing Gardens program, which strives to address one of the biggest challenges facing honey bee health: finding nutritious food sources. The program makes available free seed kits so that Canadians can plant their very own pollinator-friendly gardens.