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Directeurs régionaux

Les directeurs régionaux sont l'équipe qui apporte le matériel et les événements de Nutriments pour la vie au Canada.

  • Coordonnent le programme des jardins d'apprentissage dans leur région
  • Visitent les salles de classe pour présenter les leçons
  • Visitent les écoles pour donner des séminaires de développement professionnel
  • Aident à l'élaboration de matériel pédagogique

Candace Mitschke portrait

Candace Mitschke – Saskatchewan


« Agriculture is the best industry to be involved in, I say that all the time! »

My background is agriculture and communications. Growing up on a grain and dairy farm, agriculture has been part of my life from the very beginning. As a professional agrologist with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, I have worked in many different areas of agriculture including animal nutrition, forage exporting, functional food markets, crop adjusting, crop insurance program development, agronomy, marketing, strategic team leadership and agriculture education programming. I am currently Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association, working with government regulators and farmers to develop land and water policy for SK agriculture. An agriculture degree is the definition of versatility if you are willing to explore and learn!

Agriculture is not only important to me, it is important to this entire province, the country and the globe. It is a dynamic industry that continues to evolve. My passion is to help educate and inspire the next generation, collaborating with teachers, industry and farmers to provide unique and interactive ag learning experiences!

Farmers play a critical role in land, water and environmental stewardship and I am excited to share this with you!

Kent Lewarne portrait

Kent Lewarne – Manitoba


« Using the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework is our best chance at feeding an ever growing population in an environmentally sustainable fashion. I'm excited to spread the word about Nutrients for Life's programs and resources. »

Kent Lewarne joined Nutrients for Life in 2009 when he was asked by a Board member to review the newest curriculum, Nourishing the Planet in the 21st Century. As an educational coordinator, Kent connects teachers and students to the foundation's available resources and attends teacher conferences and industry events to further raise awareness of the foundation.

Kent graduated from Brandon University in 1986 and began his teaching career in Manitoba. He has taught middle and high school science for 30 years and his passion is chemistry and biology. Since 2009, Kent has been using Nutrients for Life resources in a variety of ways while teaching.

Kent has been involved with the schools environmental education club for over 15 years and currently coordinates a river monitoring project across Manitoba as well as a Ducks Unlimited Wetland Center of Excellence.

Cheryl Boguski portrait

Cheryl Boguski – Manitoba


« J'aime connecter les enseignants avec des ressources et des activités engageantes qui permettent à leurs élèves de découvrir le monde réel de la science du sol, de la croissance des plantes, de la gérance des nutriments 4B et de la santé des bassins versants. »

Cheryl joined Nutrients for Life Foundation Canada in the fall of 2021. She has been connecting with teachers through social media and emails to inform them about Nutrients for Life resources, events, Learning Gardens and workshop opportunities. Her experience as a science curriculum writer has been put to use while assisting in the development of the Canadian version of the H2Know case study investigation.

Cheryl has numerous years of experience as a Middle Years Science Teacher and a High School Biology and Topics in Science teacher using many of the Nutrients for Life resources within her own classes.

Cheryl has facilitated science workshops for teachers and students around the province of Manitoba and she looks forward to getting back out in the field and wetlands to guide students and teachers in their explorations once again.

Tamara Sealy portrait

Tamara Sealy – Atlantic & Ontario


« Venant d'un milieu agricole, j'ai l'impression que la majorité de la population ne comprend pas comment leurs aliments sont produits. L'agriculture, c'est passionnant ! »

Tamara began her career with Nutrient for Life Foundation Canada as an educational coordinator in 2014.

Tamara travels across Atlantic Canada to help youth understand food production and sustainable agriculture by delivering lessons and providing hands-on activities to students. Tamara is currently the foundation’s hub in the Maritimes and acts as a resource centre for teachers.

Tamara Sealy grew up in Northern New Brunswick on a family farm where she was exposed to agriculture early in her life. By the end of high school, Tamara knew she wanted to pursue a career in agriculture and attended Nova Scotia Agricultural College, now called Dalhousie University.

She graduated from the two year Plant Science Technician program and began her career in a commercial greenhouse.

Tamara also has experience working at Cavendish Agri Services as a Crop Scout for farmers in South-Eastern New Brunswick and at Co- op Atlantic as a procurement specialist, helping to supply farmers with their seed and crop protection to effectively run their business.

"I raise awareness about how Nutrients for Life is helping to educate students with great lessons and activities. With so many kids generations removed from the farm, it's crucial they understand the food production system from a hands on experience."


Raymond Carriere portrait

Raymond Carrière – Collectivités francophones


Bob Adamson portrait

Bob Adamson – Canada de l'Ouest

Ray Cochrane portrait

Ray Cochrane – Canada de l'Ouest