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NFL Canada assist PEI Farm Tech Apprenticeship Program

Executive Director,  Tamara,  was invited by the PEI Ag Sector Council and Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture to  teach one of their modules for this year's program.  Tamara was delighted to teach the Farm Techs their soil and plant nutrient module over the 2.5 days in January.  NFL Canada would like to thank Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture and the PEI Ag Sector Council for this opportunity.

A bit about the Program

The PEI Farm Technician Apprenticeship Program is a Blue Seal apprenticeship program for farm workers that combines classroom and hands-on learning with on-farm experience. The revised program includes five weeks of classroom training per year over two years. For the remainder of the year, the apprentice works full time with a farm employer.  The program provides an opportunity for Island farm workers to learn new skills and receive recognition for existing skills. Participants will have access to training for licensing in key areas including: Farm equipment use/ maintenance, On Farm Food Safety, Farm Management, Pesticide use, Soil and Nutrient management and more.  Tuition for the Farm Technician Apprenticeship Program is 100% subsidized by Skills PEI. Apprentices must be EI eligible and have 1000 hours work experience in the agriculture industry.