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Saint Cecilia Catholic School

Toronto, Ontario

Size of school

700 students
Grade levels

Grant received

Learning Garden Grant ($3000)


About our Garden

Please describe your garden, is it raised beds, in the ground, do you have a greenhouse?

We started a small garden two years ago with two small raised-beds. Thanks to NFL funding, we expanded our garden and added 3 more large raised-beds. We have a herb garden, two veggie gardens, and a butterfly garden!

What vegetables/fruit do you grow in your garden? What do you have a difficult time growing in your school garden?

We grow:
- butterfly garden: bee balm, milkweed, butterfly bush, various flowers
- herb garden: sage, rosemary, parsley, cilantro, basil
- veggie gardens: zucchini, beans, peppers, tomatoes, beets, radish, carrots, swiss chard, kale

Why did your school decide to add a school garden?

It is a part of our eco-school program, and it is a great opportunity to show kids where their food comes from.

What classes participate in the garden, what subjects are taught in the garden?

All science classes, grades K - 8, ecoteam meetings, etc.

Who manages the garden day to day? Who manages the garden over the Summer break?

Mr. Caverhill and the ecoteam manage it day-to-day. Over the summer parent, teacher, and community volunteers manage the garden.

What do you do with the harvest from your garden? Do you have a harvest celebration? Do you use it in the cafeteria, or culinary classes? Do you donate some of the produce?

We cook swiss chard together, eat carrots and tomatoes with the ecoteam, make smoothies and pesto. No big celebrations yet, but semi-regular harvests and snacking!

Do you have community involvement? Do you have parents and volunteers? Have been able to source other funding to help your garden grow?

Parents and volunteers help with the garden, community organizations helped proved the soil and raised-bed planters, teachers and students are involved.

What are your future plans for the school garden?

Continue to improve the garden, and engage the school community more and more.

Any words of encouragement/tips for a school starting a school garden?

It's so much fun, and so rewarding. A little bit of extra work, but well worth it!