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Wing's Point, Newfoundland and Labrador

Size of school

215 students
Grade levels

Grant received

School Garden


About our Garden

Please describe your garden, is it raised beds, in the ground, do you have a greenhouse?

We did a greenhouse and we have plans to do raised beds next season. Our greenhouse unfortunately was destroyed last week in a wind storm. Some of our current plants were rescued, others blew away. Our video will reflect the devastating event.

What vegetables/fruit do you grow in your garden? What do you have a difficult time growing in your school garden?

We are currently growing, lettuce, peas, purple carrots, potatoes, green onion, radish

Why did your school decide to add a school garden?

We want to provide the school and local communities with a more subsistence way to access food. We want to alleviate families that are having difficultly with access to healthy foods. We want to be less reliant on shopping markets.

What classes participate in the garden, what subjects are taught in the garden?

All classes have had some sort of participation, with the construction, the tilling and planting, caring. Since our greenhouse has been destroyed, all classes have rallied and adopted plants within their classrooms.

Skilled Trades
Residential Construction
All Social Studies courses
Science 7-9
Environmental Science
Grades K-4

Who manages the garden day to day? Who manages the garden over the Summer break?

We had students do volunteer hours during the Summer.
Day to Day is it multiple classes.

What do you do with the harvest from your garden? Do you have a harvest celebration? Do you use it in the cafeteria, or culinary classes? Do you donate some of the produce?

We are going to use the food for our cafeteria and our Home Economics class. As our garden grows, we will donate to families.

Do you have community involvement? Do you have parents and volunteers? Have been able to source other funding to help your garden grow?

We have sourced some other funding.
Parents and volunteers will be helping us once our garden is more established.

What are your future plans for the school garden?

Yes, we want this to grow to be a school/community involvement.