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Oromocto High School

Oromocto, New Brunswick

Size of school

1300 students
Grade levels

11 - 12
Students participating

60 students
Grant received

School Garden Grant ($500)


About our Garden

Please describe your garden, is it raised beds, in the ground, do you have a greenhouse?

We have a greenhouse.

What vegetables/fruit do you grow in your garden? What do you have a difficult time growing in your school garden?

We grew green beans, snap peas, basil, sun flowers, dill, tomatoes, carrots, various sprouts, and geraniums, all successful! We had difficulty growing cilantro and strawberries.

Why did your school decide to add a school garden?

We decided to add a garden to the school after I completed research on agriculture in the classroom and the benefits it has on student learning and engagement. The amount of student engagement, when it came to gardening and getting into the dirt, increased. Learned knowledge, understanding and application of this information went above and beyond my expectations.

What classes participate in the garden, what subjects are taught in the garden?

Entrepreneurship 110 was taught using the garden.

Who manages the garden day to day? Who manages the garden over the Summer break?

The garden was managed by students during the school week and myself, teacher, over the weekends, holidays and summer break.

What do you do with the harvest from your garden? Do you have a harvest celebration? Do you use it in the cafeteria, or culinary classes? Do you donate some of the produce?

The students sold the produce from the garden to parents and teachers; all money was put back into the garden to continue the garden this school year. A total of $60 was collected. The items that were not purchased were given to grandparents as gifts from students.

Do you have community involvement? Do you have parents and volunteers? Have been able to source other funding to help your garden grow?

Presently, we are putting forth a proposal to have our local food bank to become involved. We do not have any other source of funding.

What are your future plans for the school garden?

Our future plans for our garden is to keep it going. Presently, I have requested funds from our school to keep the garden growing. Our next step is to grow a full meal in Nutrition class. Super excited!

Any words of encouragement/tips for a school starting a school garden?

Just do it! Agriculture in the classroom is such a positive learning tool. Due to the help from NFL, we were able to jump start our wee garden and the students are learning, growing and applying their new knowledge of what it takes to grow food.