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County Central High School

Vulcan, Alberta

Size of school

36 students
Grade levels

Students participating

36 students
Grant received

School Garden Grant


About our Garden

Please describe your garden, is it raised beds, in the ground, do you have a greenhouse?

Our project was designed to involve 2 grade 8 classes in the construction of a living wall for the entry of our school. The living wall is being constructed from a 6'x8' wooden "skeletal" structure that will carry galvanized sheet metal planter pods and feature a gravity fed irrigation system. The two grade 8 classes were to be engaged in the creation of templates, cutting and spot weld assembly of the sheet metal planter pods as a part of their Career and technology class.
Due to the shutdown of our school because of COVID, we were not able to finish the construction of the living wall, however, we were able to start the process and complete 7 of 20 planter pods. Our class originally designed the living wall to be constructed out of stacked concrete vessels and made 4 wooden molds for pouring the concrete. Last minute design revisions were made to change material to a wood and metal construction. We included pictures of the concrete molds as well, they may end up becoming small planter boxes. Construction will resume in the fall of our living wall. Students will realize a project from idea to execution, understanding the challenge of designing a site-specific work and be able to see a large-scale project through to its end. It is my hope that students will develop a sense of ownership with the project and will continue to appreciate it by maintaining the foliage

What are your future plans for the school garden?

Build the 6'x8' wooden skeletal structure that will house the galvanized sheet metal planter pods. Sr. Construction class will help with this.
Build remaining planter pods(13). Grade 8's will help with this.
Connect gravity fed irrigation system.
Plant the living wall-grade 7's will help(potentially)