Regional Managers

Regional managers are the team that bring Nutrients for Life materials and events to Canada.

  • Coordinate the Learning Garden program in their regions
  • Visit classrooms to present lessons
  • Visit schools to give professional development seminars
  • Aid in developing educational materials

Kent Lewarne – Manitoba

Kent Lewarne portrait

Regional Managers are the link between teachers, students and the wealth of valuable soil science / nutrient resources that NFL has to offer.

- Kent Lewarne

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Ray Cochrane – Saskatchewan

Ray Cochrane portrait

NFL provides me with the opportunity to assist teachers and their students to gain an insight into the areas of agriculture and environment.

- Ray Cochrane

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Tamara Sealy – Atlantic & Ontario

Tamara Sealy portrait

Coming from an agricultural background, I feel that the majority of the population do not understand how their foods are produced. Agriculture is exciting!

- Ray Cochrane

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Cheryl Boguski

Cheryl Boguski portrait

I enjoy connecting teachers with engaging resources and activities that allow their students to experience the real world of soil science, plant growth, 4R Nutrient Stewardship and Watershed health.

- Cheryl Boguski

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Raymond Carrière – Francophone Communities

Raymond Carriere portrait

It is important that our youth learn how plants grow and the importance of agriculture in the food chain!

- Raymond Carrière

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