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Ray Cochrane portrait

Ray Cochrane's
2018 Summary

for Saskatchewan

by Ray Cochrane

There were a lot of events and happenings that took place during this past year. The year was an extremely successful one with different conferences, school and classroom presentations, field excursions and tours.

A number of school garden grants were awarded again this year. One of the highlights involves the unique partnership between Caronport Elementary School and Caronport High School in creating and using a Learning Garden. The two schools are in close proximity to each other and actually share a common field area. The elementary school will be the primary user of the garden while high school students will be involved through a mentorship program. The elementary school is also hoping to tie the garden in with an anti-bullying program, “I am Stronger” which is offered by Sasktel. I am anxiously waiting to get the latest news on the spring planting session!

Another highlight would be the awarding of a Learning Garden grant to Walter Murray Collegiate Institute in Saskatoon. This grant was made available through Corteva Agriscience and included a follow up workshop attended by a number of teachers from Saskatchewan. The plan is to continue with this great opportunity offered by Corteva Agriscience and Nutrients for Life.

One of our partners is Inside Education of Alberta. Inside Education acts as our hub for the School Garden program and offers a number of educational programs for teachers and students. Last year, I was able to participate in a Teacher Professional Development Program featuring Grasslands Education. This was an extremely rewarding experience with a variety of topics covered including Wetlands and Water Quality; Grasslands and the Kainai First Nation; Introduction to Alberta Grasslands, plus many others.

In the end, it was a highly successful year and I am expecting the continuation of this success during this upcoming year!