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NFL attends EECOM Conference

The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon was the site for this year’s Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication or EECOM. Over 300 environmental educators joined together to discuss a very prevalent issue, “Action on Climate Change Through Education!” and Nutrients for Life Canada was there! Thanks to partnerships with Fertilizer Canada, NFL was able to have Mitchell Timmerman, Agro-ecologist with Manitoba Agriculture, lead a session we dubbed “Talking Dirty About Climate Change: 4R Nutrient Stewardship”. Mitchell, along with support from NFL staff and board led participants through a short introduction to each of the “Rs”: Right Rate, Rate Source, Right Time and Right Place. Following this, each of the rights was expanded and discussed in detail! It was amazing! With environmental educators attending from across Canada, fervent discussions were abound. Questions from food security to impact of grazing on climate change were tackled by this passionate crowd attending the session. In the end, participants left with a deeper understanding of the best management practices that agriculture is investigating and implementing to help mitigate the impact of agriculture on climate change. Thanks to an MOU with Fertilizer Canada, Mitchell was able to bring the Manitoba Ag cargo trailer housing “The Amazing Rain and Snow Show” The plethora of props, set up in four strategic learning stations, helped participants engage in this much talked about issue of the impact of agriculture on climate change. Following the session, discussions continued well into the lunch hour. The session offered and the display in the exhibit hall (we brought our own table top rain simulator indoors), were a hit at this conference and was one (if not the only) session on the impact of agriculture on climate change.