Learning Gardens

Creating a learning garden at your school enables students to learn the science behind soil and food production while teaching them collaboration and leadership.

Note: Only the successful schools will be contacted.

How to Apply

Step 1: Gather information

On the application form, you'll be asked for the following.

  • School name and contact info
  • List of colleagues that will be assisting
  • What type of garden you'd like to plant (vegetable, flower, combination vegetable-flower, other)
  • Who will be using the Learning Garden (single class, multiple classes, entire school)
  • Approximately how many students will use the garden per year
  • What grades will be participating
  • How you will involve your students (Options: planning, preparing the soil, choosing plants, watering, weeding, fertilizing, observations, experiments, lessons)
  • The subjects you'll be incorporating (Options: science, health & life skills, phys ed, career education, language arts, math, environmental education, aboriginal skills, fine arts)
  • Which grant you're applying for ($500 or $3,000 or either)
  • What the money will be be used for (Options: Building supplies and tools, plants and soils, garden maintenance supplies, contractor time and support)
  • You'll have a chance to upload photos, sketches and plans to see your space and ideas
  • Whether the grant is the sole funding source or if you'll be augmenting it with other funding
  • What your plan will be for maintaining the garden during the summer break

Step 2: Read manual

Read the Learning Gardens Manual, including
the annual reporting / follow-up requirements.

Step 3: Fill out application

Select the form for your region:

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